Kune-Kune Minature Pigs

2012 Piglets are now ready.

February 16th, 2012

2012 Piglets are now ready for sale, there is a real assortment of colours this year ranging from ginger, ginger/black, cream/black, black, with one or two white patches, black/cream, with gold tips.

The boys were of such good quality that we chose not to castrate so they are stud potential and not suitable as pets, they are all very friendly and the girls will make lovely pets. All piglets are eligible for registration. P.O.A


November 22nd, 2011

GenSIRE: Pendragon Ru II

DAM: Ruttersleigh Trish VII

D.O.B 22.06.2010

|Piri Piri 2

Colour: Cream.

Trish has been admired by all that have seen her, with excellent conformation and temperament to match, she is a fantastic breeding prospect. We are very lucky to have her.


November 22nd, 2011

DOTSIRE: Woolpitch Tutaki I

DAM: Fishleigh Trish II

D.O.B 21.2.2009

Piri Piri O

Colour Black/White

Afectionally known as Dotty, bred by Mrs Jo Binnie, she came to Holebrook as a piglet and has grown into a lovely gentle pig. She has given us two lovely litters and we have kept a gilt from her first litter for our breeding programme (see Holebrook Trish I).


November 22nd, 2011

REW November 22nd, 2011

SIRE: Barton Hill Andrew II

DAM: Longhopen Jenny XVIII

D.O.B 18.06.2010

Piri Piri 2

Colour: Ginger/Black

Andrew is our new Boar, bred by John Ross, he is a lovely friendly chap with excellent conformation. We look forward to his first piglets with us due Dec 2011