After a short illness, we have had to say goodbye to Sitzendorf  Sir`s Apprentice, “Danny” to all his friends. He was such a gentle dog, never stopped giving of himself and has left a legacy to his breed that is up there with the greats. Danny was a true Bernese, honest, masculine and so easy on the eye, he would command respect where ever he went and hearts would melt as arms were draped round his neck. He struck an eye catching pose in the show ring, winning three reserve CC`s, four reserve green stars and at his last day out, Best in Show. He has sired Champions both in the UK America and India and also has youngsters currently enjoying very successful show careers. Each and every Berner is special in their own unique way and Danny was no exception, his favourite was to flop himself over the back of the sofa in the mornings talking and smiling, waiting for that first big hug of the day. He was the consummate gentleman with the girls that came to visit; just the best stud dog ever and always took his bath afterwards in the fish pond! Danny inherited the soft side of his father Tickbern Craftsman aka “Phil” which made him just the perfect companion. He learnt very early in life that Donkey stallions need to be avoided!! Chickens leave tasty treats wherever they go and all bones handed out were his until he said otherwise!! He would pick up make believe cent trails on our daily walks round the farm, creating utter confusion with the rest of the gang, then flopping down beside us with his wicked grin to watch them try and untangle themselves. He loved the back of the pick-up and took great delight in turning his head into the wind, making his ears flap and his flews would vibrate as he grabbed mouthfuls of air and then he would grin as only Danny could. We were very privileged to share his life and are blessed as he lives on through his offspring and the Bernese breed is the richer for that. We miss him terribly, go run free and find those new cent trails you big goof!!!!

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