About Holebrook Farm

I was born with a love of animals, all I ever wanted was to own my own pony and dog. Although I was lucky enough to own both as I was growing up, it wasn't until my children had flown the nest that I was able to purchase Holebrook and live the dream.

When I moved in, I had an assortment of half a dozen ponies and four Bernese Mountain Dogs, all of whom looked rather lost roaming around 52 acres.  So what to do, my knowledge of conventional farming was limited, so whilst continuing to breed my beloved dogs I decided to pursue my love of horses purchasing my first quarter horse in 2000. Shortly afterwards the donkeys and more quarter horses arrived, I was hooked.

Jim was born in the South East and spent an idyllic childhood working with his father on their dairy farm, developing a tremendous love and respect for nature and animals. After a spell in the Army he emmigrated to Australia, where he had a successful career in engineering. He became involved in the re training of ex service German Shepherd dogs and went on to become a successful breeder.

After a break from dogs, he persued another of his hobbies, breeding exhibition budgerigars and became internationally respected for the quality of his birds.

Not able to survive without dogs, he re-discovered the Bernese Mountain dog, a breed he fell in love with whilst working in Europe and once again has become a successful breeder/ exhibitor.

We first met when he imported a stud dog sired by my boy from the UK.  Within a few years he had moved back home and into Holebrook, with his help, knowledge and enthusiasm I have been able to fulfil my dreams at Holebrook farm.

In November 2014 Holebrook farm was sold, and we have started a new adventure with fewer animals in our Cornwall cottage and a small-holding in Southern France. We look forward to sharing our new adventures with you on our web site as they unfold.